So, how are we going to go about raising the money? The major principle behind raising this very large sum of money, £1.5m, is that we want everyone to be involved, we want it to be your pavilion and to that extent we will need a contribution from each and every one of you. The proposal is for contributions to be given as either a one-off payment or by a three-year monthly standing order. The former is preferred for cash flow purposes, but if you prefer a longer payment period that would certainly be welcomed, especially if the total donation is larger as a result. Although we are asking for everybody to give just a little bit, we will need a reasonable number of you to dig very deep into your pockets.

£1.5m is a large amount of money. There are no two ways about it. However, remember this is a worst case scenario with a contingency built in, and includes VAT. To take into account the ‘worst case’ element I will round things down in this email, where applicable. We will have to pay for the building up front, but should be eligible to claim around half the VAT back afterwards, which brings the amount needed down to

£1.3m which is based on paying the going rate for all goods and services. However, we have already had generous offers from members covering windows, doors, electrical work, sanitary ware and the internal fit out. All these elements will obviously help bring the cost down, and if you have a business or contacts who may be able to help in any area of this project, we would love to hear from you. These kind offers currently bring the cost down to

£1.2m is already 20% below our starting position. We have consistently been advised that we should expect between £300,000 to £500,000 to be available via grants and funding. Let’s assume the middle of that range, which takes us down to

£800k and we’re nearly halfway. Remember those ‘big hitters’ people have mentioned in my conversations? Well some have stepped up to the plate and we have a six figure sum already pledged taking us through halfway…

£675k We currently have 126 playing members, 136 non-playing members, 31 vice presidents, 9 life members and 273 sets of parents. That means, you are one of 575. If everyone shared responsibility, you would be on the hook for

£1,175 Hopefully now we’re getting down to tangible numbers where you can start to see how you can make a meaningful contribution. But you don’t have to do it alone. If you are a UK taxpayer and ensure you’ve completed the attached Gift Aid form, we can claim back 25p for every pound donated, meaning we only need

£950 if every member steps up. What we are hoping to do is to ask those ‘big hitters’ to underwrite the project – to help put the money up front to allow us get started with building in 2018, however, with a plan to complete the fundraising over 3 years. So we don’t even need your full amount now. Split it over 3 years

£317 per year. And you can pay by the monthly standing order form attached, which means if everybody gave

£30 per month we would be all set and ready to go. That’s half a bottle of wine or a couple of cups of coffee a week. If you can afford that then TCC can afford to build the Pavilion you have all admired in the plans and create a real legacy for current and future members of this club.

If you are yet to contribute or were thinking about contributing NOW is the time. We need everyone to fill in and return the standing order forms and start your monthly contributions ASAP. TCC need to calculate the projected income and underwrite that figure so we don’t have to wait until the end of the Standing Order schedules to begin building. We also have the time constraint of the planning permission to take into account.