To be the best Junior Cricket Club in Middlesex.


To strongly adhere to an inclusive ‘One-Club’ culture, serving young players, both male and female, and their families, working in partnership with the Senior Club;

To provide top quality coaching and playing opportunities for young players of all abilities, furnishing and nurturing a life-long love and involvement in the game;

To produce elite cricketers, as well as developing social cricketers for the senior club and beyond; and

To foster the development of young players in a safe and secure environment and in accordance with the Spirit of Cricket.  


To achieve our vision through the development of:

A management team that sets the tone and environment in which the Junior Section is able to deliver its goals over a sustained period; 

A tiered coaching and year-group parental management structure;

Active involvement of parents in every age group;

A strong mutually beneficial relationship with the Junior and Club’s sponsors; and

Excellent facilities, to include grounds and pitches, nets, training facilities, recognising potential restrictions placed on the Club by the Park;


To align all that we do with being a premier community amateur sports club (CASC).

This includes, but is not limited to: child safety and welfare, coaching, facilities, communication, and training.


To ensure strong annual financial performance, thereby allowing the necessary investment in players, coaches, facilities and, more generally, support for the Club as a whole.  


To strengthen the Junior Section’s collegiate culture, so as to ensure an environment that is supportive and inspiring for its young cricketers. To make certain the whole Club understands the vision and mission of the Junior Section and that all work collectively to achieve its aims.


To develop through education, experience and leadership:

Paid for coaches and qualified parents able to deliver the necessary level of coaching and management of young players;

Confident young individuals who are skilled cricketers achieving the most of their abilities;

To develop parents and young players alike who reflect the values of the Club and act as its ambassadors.  

Measures of Success:

Success in year-group competitions;

Production of borough/district and county age group players, with occasional regional and international selection;

Enjoyment of the game for all;

Continuity of management;

Involvement of parents willingly;

Active social programme; and

Legacy of young players assimilated into the Club’s senior sides