Teddington CC - 1st XI Vs North Middlesex CC - 1st XI - Saturday, 23rd July, 2016

On a stinking hot and humid day in Teddington, we played host to North Middlesex who had provided us a challenging game earlier in the season. On what looked to be a batting friendly wicket, North Mid won the toss and elected to bat first.

The bowlers were summoned to the ground 20 minutes early to have a chat about the day’s proceedings, although the clubs keenest bowler, Timmy A, didn’t arrive for our pep talk as the skipper thought it would be best for him to have the extra lie in; we presumed he might have had a skin full the night before. Clearly the pre match chat looked to have worked to start with with some tidy bowling first up from Pollock and Sever, Pollock unlucky not to get a clear LBW. After no breakthrough and at 35-0, JK decided enough was enough and on came Tim and himself to have a crack. Four quick wickets were to follow with 3 for Keightley and 1 for Tim leaving North Mid 55-4. Armstrong made way for Sever just before lunch and himself bagged 2 wicket to leave them 71-6 at lunch.

Two quick wickets for Sever in an over after lunch left them 79-8 and thoughts of all out for under 100 looked on. However, a good partnership from Newton and Brand saw the score to 103. The last two wickets fell for no runs so Teddington were to chase 103 on a seaming deck. A great effort by the bowling attack to keep the opposition to a low score that we believed was easily achievable.

North Middlesex started off well with two quick wickets to leave Teddington 10-2. After a brief partnership between Twiney and Armstrong was broken with Armstrong caught behind the wheels fell off for Teddington. Twiney was give out LBW to ball that was nearer his throat than the stumps. There were some starts by Keightley (15) and Knappett (12), but no one could progress on.  With some poor shots and some good bowling, Teddington were down to 74-9.

In the reverse game earlier in the season it was left to Sever and DK to get the remaining 23 runs. Today, though, was a greater task, 29 runs and a seaming wicket with Hughes unplayable at times; however, his ego never showed that and what a charming chap he is!!!!!

After a few good leaves that went for 4, a few wides, byes and some nudging and nurdling by Sever and DK, it looked as though they might have pulled off yet another great escape from the jaws of defeat. Unfortunately that was not to be the case. Bird got the final wicket leaving the Teddington team dejected.

In summary, Jack’s dad and Roy are no longer on speaking terms and cricket is s*** when you lose. Oh and check out Sever’s average.

View the scorecard here