Teddington 2nd XI vs Ealing 2nd XI, 14th May 2016

Second game of the season and another strong 11 for TCC 2’s. The captain was faced with two concerns Saturday morning when he woke up - 1st the batting order, and 2nd Matt Austin's text at 2am saying - "We’re on the Gin Tram". Later it was revealed his autocorrect had overruled his intended message which was - "we’ve a gun team”

TCC won the toss and chose to field. It was quite clear from the off set that their wasn’t a lot in the wicket for seamers; however, Matt Swan and Niall Burke did a great job to keep the Ealing XI at bay and relatively boundary free. TCC’s side was packed with spinners, supported by the odd over of Ben Williams’s medium short. 

Euan Munday, Tom Kennedy, Jonny Smith, Richie Bennett all bowled well, picking up wickets along the way. TCC dismissed Ealing for 176 all out. 

Further from Matt Austin’s text and explanation, it was clear he was battling a hangover. He made the request that he didn’t open, which was ignored by all. Wickets fell quickly from one end, with a couple of lads not picking Murtaza Khalid quicker ball. As collapses go, it was a fairly big one. However, the scoreboard kept ticking, 66-3 to 119-8. All through this Ben Williams stood firm and watched it all at the other end, playing a very very calculated innings, controlling the speed of the run chase with ease. Ben finished 100* and led TCC 2XI to victory against its rivals in the last over. A fantastic win!

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