Teddington CC - 2nd XI Vs Ealing CC - 2nd XI - Saturday 1st July 2017

Apologies for the shortness of the report this week - due to a combination of Wimbledon, the first test at Lords and James Blunt's new album being a surprisingly good listen.

So, Ealing at home. Captain Baggs and Ealing captain David Holt, strolled to the middle, the coin went up and the coin came down. Heads was the call, heads was the fall and Ealing chose to field. Who would have thought?

Back from Uni with a vengeance, Rob Gardiner took the first ball with vet Nick Pryde leaning on his handle the other end. A great opening partnership from the two put 67 on the board at a controlled tempo, before Rob Gardiner lost his pole to the bowling of Faraz. Smith came and went, leaving Pryde still leaned on his handle at the other end. Andrew Rennison came in at 4 and looked a million dollars as he and moved the fielders around with singles. Prydey fell for 42 after being caught in front of all three. The score stood at 97-4. Johnnie Smith looked good for his 11, but got caught in the covers driving on the up. Not the worst thing to happen however as it meant that TCC could get coach Josh Knappett into the middle to mock the Ealing attack. Him and Renno looked set, before Josh hooked one to long leg for 56. Baggs came and went and Renno wasn’t quick enough on a single, so left shortly after. Some might compare it to a clubs lights coming on and the bouncer asking people to leave as the tail was failing to wag. After a few chants of one more song, in came the mixologist, Jack Sever to blast the total to 231-8 off 52 Overs. A score TCC 2s were very happy to take.

Tea was beige, but it was clear someone had said something as I might have had some red onion in a Tuna salad, but I can’t be sure. Keep up the good work Chef!

The E-Men following tea set about chipping away the total, but before long Sever was back in his rhythm and hitting a length and getting his usual sharp bounce. Some fantastic catching in the slips from Rennison and the pressure applied from both ends kept Ealing at bay with the run rate ever rising. Arthur Godsal, the young Middlesex player batted well for his 60, however, the bowling of Bullon and Thorndyke strangled Ealing's run rate and put them well behind the pace. Unsure whether they were still in the race or not, Ealing tried to keep the scoreboard moving, but soon realised it was time to shut shop. Only 6 down, Ealing had wickets in hand and on a flat deck were able to hold off the bowling of Sever, Swan to hang out for a draw.

5 points to TCC. Currently sitting 3rd in the league.

Author: CBB

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