Teddington CC - 3rd XI Vs Harrow St Marys CC - 3rd XI - Saturday 13th May 2017

Fresh from an extremely busy week of dating and WhatsApp administration, “download slate, order shirts, free sky TV codes and confirm availability”, the Skipper was confused, bat or bowl first? The overhead conditions and discussions with teammates offered no further clarity but even worse the toss was actually won meaning a decision had to be made (a nuisance of which Matthew Rees never had to deal with in his 3 years of 3rd XI captaincy).

The overriding consideration was not tactical but what was more likely to facilitate an early finish for beers for the “boiks”. It was generally assumed Harrow St Marys were weak and could be rolled; Teddington were bowling.

Before the action commenced the usual clichéd team talk was given (the exact details escape the author but presume it contained the usual requests of line and length and take catches etc). However, the author does recall Fergus’ declaration that the bar staff were strictly off limits this week; Lockwood would have to focus on the Eurovision song instead.

Harrow St Marys - 157 all out in 43 overs. Interestingly after 16 overs Harrow St Marys were 49-3, Harrow St Mary teams of the past 3 years would be this score after 16 balls. It was a different Harrow St Marys team and approach to ones played recently!  The bowling unit bowled well with special mention to T. Bangs 4 wickets, Fergus King 3 wickets and Stefon’s spell of 12 overs for 25 which offered control from the outset. The fielding was acceptable and catching good including 2 for the skipper and 1 absolute blinder by Tom Cassady with a “very bad back!”.

Teddington 158 -2 in 37 overs. A controlled, skilled and very stylish third wicket partnership between Tom Kennedy 86* and Matt Austin 61* saw TCC home (the latter cashing in on the most ridiculous dropped catch you’ll ever see – cricket is certainly a game of extremely fine margins!). Heap and Meek missed out, the former confused by his current batting role in the team confounded by 1 minute notice that he would be opening, scoring an 8 over duck.

A good day on the field with a comprehensive win, and in the club house after. Congrats to all especially the skipper with his first league win.

p.s. does anyone actually know how to download the slate app or order a long sleeve shirt?